Men’s jewelry is a sensitive topic that should be handled with the same level of caution as explosive material. The risk of choosing or mixing the incorrect accessories and ruining your appearance is always present. Some still believe that men should not give their appearance the same consideration as women, yet this belief has never been proven to be more wrong!

Remember Oscar Wilde’s phrase, “There is never a second chance to make a good first impression.” Whether it’s a first date with the person of your dreams or signing a contract with a new customer. With this as our starting point, let’s see some of the best ways to complete your outfit with the right jewelry pieces.

Where To Start?

Building a fine jewelry wardrobe can be challenging for men, but there are some basics they should keep in mind to complete any outfit. First and foremost, choose pieces made with quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Gold, silver, and platinum are good choices for those looking for lasting fine jewelry. When selecting individual pieces, it’s important to match the tone of the metal with each ensemble. Silver and lighter metals often look better with business suits and more tailored looks, while gold pieces usually work well for casual looks.

Additionally, consider wearing a fine watch as part of an overall look to bring more sophistication and style to any outfit. With these tips in mind, men can easily complete their outfits with fine jewelry for any occasion.

How Should Men Wear Their Jewelry?

Before you consider wearing a necklace, there are a few things you need to know. For instance, the accessories we wear reveal something about who we are. It might be the store where we bought it and the memories associated with that store, a present from a special someone, or the financial sacrifices you had to make to buy a watch you had been admiring for a long time.

What story would you tell if someone asked you why you were wearing that specific piece of jewelry? Are you fine with a response like, “Well, I just saw it and I liked it…”? No, it must have a story; every piece of jewelry you buy and wear must have a story.

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What Outfit Will You Pair Your Jewelry With?

Maybe it’s not the best idea to wear a skull necklace with a beautiful suit. Okay, so we’ve gone too far here, but the jewelry you choose depends not just on occasion but also on your clothes.

For instance, a military-style dog tag or an essential pendant like the one stated above will go better with casual clothing. On the other hand, if you are wearing a shirt, we must first determine whether you plan to wear it over or under the shirt to choose the right size and length.

Even the time of year can have a role; in the summer, a light cloth thread necklace is undoubtedly less obtrusive than a rapper chain in the style of 50 Cent.

What Colors Are You Using To Complement It With?

There are currently two variables to take into account. The first consideration is the color of the clothing you are wearing while you wear the piece of jewelry, while the second is the jewelry you are already wearing.

Therefore, the necklace you are wearing shouldn’t catch your partner’s eye before you even start talking to them. If it does, something may have gone wrong while trying to coordinate it with the rest of your wardrobe.

Similar advice applies to jewelry combinations; whether you already have bracelets, a watch, or a ring on, match the colors to avoid feeling like you chose your jewelry randomly.

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How Many Pieces of Jewelry Should I Wear?

There is no specific guideline because we adhere to context even in this instance. Similar to the first point, wearing a t-shirt allows you to indulge in various jewelry pieces. However, no one is preventing you from wearing them under a shirt, which will make it difficult for people to detect them and may even give the impression that you are trying to hide them.

The decision about your jewelry and how to wear it with your outfits should now be clearer. You should be able to combine them without being afraid that you went too far. Many beautiful jewelry pieces for men can complement different outfits and give them a completely new and unique look.

However, to complete the information on how to put together the ideal look, you should also develop a habit of asking your jeweler for combination advice to consistently choose the best one and strike the ideal match for every situation. So, don’t forget to put on some jewelry next time you go out.