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Sovrin Extracts -Vape Kit


A reusable vaporizer pen battery for use with all our Vape oil cartridges. The battery is super slim and compact, however, don’t be fooled by the size – it’s super robust and lasts for many, many draws! A bottom light will glow when the heater is activated, and will only require you to inhale for 2-4 seconds.

Comes with Vape Pen, Charger and carrying case.

**Requires a Vape Oil Cartridge (not included).

– 510 universal threading

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Order batteries for vape oil cartridges from CBD Oil Canada

Similar feel to smoking a joint without the grinding, rolling or smell. Yes, rolled joints are an experience in themselves, but if you don’t usually smoke, or just want to reduce the smoke that you take into your lungs, then you have to try an oil pen. And yes, it’s still potent.

Super portable because it’s only the size of a pen. Super discreet because you are vaporizing oil, not burning paper and buds. This means way less smell in your hair, mouth, fingers, and clothes. This pen comes with an easy to use USB charger. Just plug it into any normal USB port or wall adapter to charge. Did we mention that these oil cartridges are potent?

Pick one of our cartridges to go with this charger:

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Product Name: Sovrin Extracts Vape Kit Product Brand: Sovrin Extracts Product Description: These batteries are extremely nice and easy to use. Simply screw on your vape oil cartride and vape away. Charge lasts for over 250 draws or pulls Product Image: https://redscbdoils.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Sovrin-Vape-Kit.jpg Product Price: 25 Price Currency: CAN Name Of The Seller: Sovrin Extracts Vape Kit Rating Value: 5 Total Reviews: 1 Reviews


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