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CBD Essence CBD Oil Full Vape Kit


  • 1ml Prefilled Cartridge (15mg CBD)
  • 10ml Vape Blend (150mg CBD)
  • Button-less Battery
  • USB Charger
Ingredients: Non-GMO Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Botanical Extract emulsified with Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Food Grade Propylene Glycol and sunflower lecithin.
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CBD Essence® Medicinal Hemp Vapes and CBD e-Juice

These are Food Grade Vaporizing Blends and come from organically grown industrial hemp plants which have a significant CBD content. Grown sustainably on unspoiled tracts of land, then introduced to the proper CO2 extraction. Resulting is the ESSENCE of the plant, a wholesome botanical extract of the original plant and Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant, just as nature intended. 1ml (15mg per ml). This is ready to use kit comes with a 10ml Vape Blend Refill and 1ml Pre-Filled Atomizer Cartridge w/ Battery and Charger.

Some use CBD  vape for heavy stress, depression and anxiety and get some relief, just keep the pen with you at all times. You will get over 200 healthy puffs from the 1ml vape cartridge and then 10 refills from the 10ml refill bottle.

Enjoy the health benefits of cbd and effects without thc. Vaping hemp oil and vaping CBD oil is for purely medicinal use as an alternative to medical marijuana.


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Product Name: Savage CBD Unflavored Vape Shot Product Brand: Savage CBD Product Description: 1000 mg bottle of unflavoured vape ejuice, perfect for adding to your regular flavoured vape juice to bring some CBD into your life! Product Image: https://redscbdoils.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/savage_cbd_unflavoured_1000mg.jpg Product Price: 90 Price Currency: CAN Name Of The Seller: Savage CBD Rating Value: 5 Total Reviews: 2 Reviews


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