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The Different Types of CBD

What are the Different Types of CBD

The three different types of CBD that you’re, going to find in your products and those three types are known as full-spectrum ,broad spectrum and isolate CBD,

Full Spectrum CBD

lets get into the definitions of each as well as what conditions each might be good for at the very first type, and the most common that you’re going to see is known as full spectrum CBD oil and that mean its is a CBD extract  that has Full spectrum CBD is full of all the terpenes cannabinoids, yes, including even that .03 percent or less THC, flavonoids and fatty acids that are found in the hemp plant, all of which have therapeutic value of their own and in a full spectrum CBD product you get the benefits of the whole plant.

When taking full spectrum CBD products these benefits of all the full plant to the body is called entourage effect

So what is the entourage effect? So the entourage effect is the phenomenon of using all the compounds of the hemp plant that work in synergy perfectly together to give you maximum health benefits. Think about it as using all of the cannabinoids and compounds in the hemp plant working in perfect synergy with each other to help you the most.

Full-spectrum is the most common CBD oil. You’ll, find on the market and that’s because of the entourage effect and how it just works so well with our bodies and that’s honestly, what helps most of the conditions out there? In fact, we recommend full-spectrum to pretty much everybody out there for every condition that CBD can help with we  recommend full spectrum to almost everybody and now for the second type of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD

The Second  main type of CBD you can find in your products that’s, known as broad-spectrum CBD, alright, so a quick definition of broad-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD is full of all the terpenes cannabinoids, flavonoids and fatty acids found in him except THC.

Broad-Spectrum CBD is basically full-spectrum CBD. Without the THC we usually don’t recommend broad spectrum to many people. We will recommend broad spectrum for anxiety as it doesn’t have the THC, especially if you’re.

Looking for all of the other cannabinoids and flavonoids and terpenes that can be found in the hemp plant, except for the ones found in THC, then you certainly can go for a broad spectrum CBD product.

However, it’s, not going to give you that complete entourage effect that we talked about with full spectrum, because you are missing the THC cannabinoid, even that little 0.3 % or less THC cannabinoid takes away from the entourage effect.

CBD and Drug testing

Broad spectrum is Safer for Drug testing  if you’re subjected to random drug screenings, this is where broad spectrum may come into play for you as it doesn’t, have the Delta 9 THC and that’s, the common cannabinoid that most HR departments.

If you will are looking for in these urinalysis tests, okay, so if you want to maximize your benefits of CBD without having any THC, then the broad spectrum is really going to be the way to go. However, that does not guarantee  you’re, going to pass a urine analysis.

Okay, just because it doesn’t have Delta 9 THC doesn’t mean they don’t test for some other cannabinoids. Now it’s, not super common. Most tests are for Delta 9 THC. So if that’s, not the product, you should be in the clear.

However, if you have a higher mana gram test, such as the one, the MBA uses, for example, which is 120 nanogram, then they test for all cannabinoids and therefore, if you’re, taking just CBD or a broad spectrum, you could fail a drug screen.

So I think it’s really important that before you try any CBD or if you’re, taking a full-spectrum product right now, you need to go to your HR department and ask what their CBD policy is in case. You’re ever selected for a random drug screening.

You don’t want to fail and make your company think that you’re, getting high all the time when, in reality, you’re just trying to get healthy with CBD. That has no psychoactive effects with the Delta 9 THC.

There’s, just not enough in the product to get you high. Therefore, if companies are okay with CBD, then you can. Let them know that that’s. What you’re, taking show them. The lab report show them the product you’re taking.

You can certainly prove that a CBD versus you know straight THC marijuana if you will, and hopefully that will be okay, but again it is up to you to check with your HR department to make sure that they have a policy that they’re okay with you taking CBD, if they’re, not whether you’re taking broad-spectrum or isolate, which we’ll talk about here in a minute, it is still possible that you could fail a drug screen.

So if you’re, not subjected to a random drug screening, and you’re, not trying to help your anxiety with CBD, then I wouldn’t, recommend broad-spectrum.

I would just recommend full spectrum for you, as you’re, going to get the maximum benefit out of that with that entourage effect now. The third type of CB that can be found in your products is known as CBD isolate

CBD Isolates

A quick definition of that CBD Isolate is cannabidiol in its purest form. To produce this extract CBD is isolated and then refined to strip out any additional cannabinoids, terpenes and plant components found in the hemp plant.

The final product contains around 99 % cannabidiol, and I think that’s, really important. A lot of people will say it’s, THC free or zero percent THC. When technically that’s actually not possible. They’re, all labeled bad, so it is what it is, but just so you know even CBD Isolate does have a very, tiny fraction, possibly of THC.

CBD Isolates Doesn’t, come up in lab tests or anything like that. So, going back to what I was talking about in the broad spectrum above you still could technically fail a drug test, even though you’re, taking CBD isolate if your company has a higher nanogram urine analysis and because there’s no Delta 9 THC.

I always recommend CBD, isolate for folks that are trying to help with their anxiety, CBD, isolate and the CBD molecule by itself is good for stress relaxation. All of the things that kind of can combat high anxiety, spikes, in fact, most vape products you’ll, find out there are CBD Isolates

I’m, not talking about the fake THC products that are hurting people. Things like that. I mean legitimate, actual CBD, vape oil or fave cartridges that you could buy. That will not hurt you, so those are usually isolate CBD.

Occasionally you can find a broad spectrum vape product which is really really nice. So if you’re looking to vape and you want to help with things beyond anxiety, I would recommend a broad spectrum vape such as those that you can find it because most tend to be CBD Isolate

Again, if you have anxiety, I would not recommend a full spectrum product, and that includes even vaping one, but full spectrum can be good for a lot of other things.

So if it’s outside the anxiety realm, but then a full spectrum of a product might be right for you. But in this case we’re talking about CBD, isolate and how that is. Actually, what’s best for anxiety, so it virtually has no THC and THC can have an adverse reaction to anxiety, so I never usually recommend it.

It doesn’t mean that a full spectrum product wont  help you. If you have anxiety that is definitely possible, there have been user reports of people that have found relief from anxiety, as well as other things, with a full spectrum product.

However, the majority of people out there tend to get relief more from CBD isolate than any other product. In fact, we recommended CBD isolate to vape CBD, isolate and CBD broad-spectrum for  anxiety and family uses a CBD isolate from Honest botanicals to help with their anxieties.

Hope this has helped explain that there is the difference in the three different types of CBD that you can find in your products. So, basically, to recap:

  • full spectrum is using the entire hemp plant in the CBD oil.
  • Broad spectrum is basically full spectrum without the THC
  •  CBD. Isolate is just isolated on the CBD molecule, no other terpenes, no other cannabinoids of flavonoids

We Recommend  full-spectrum for pretty much everybody out there, except for folks suffering from anxiety that’s where we talked about broad-spectrum and CBD Isolates Products

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