Having plenty of jewelry does not equal the ability to match your outfit. Today we will outline five simple rules for choosing jewelry to match your dress and about possible mistakes.

A sense of proportion

A very simple rule, but unfortunately, not all girls understand it. And it is the following – do not wear all the available jewelry, no matter how beautiful and expensive it may be. A few rings on each finger and a dozen gold chains around your neck will not give elegance but quite the contrary.

The same rule applies to “massive” jewelry – large brooches, heavy earrings, unique black engagement diamond rings with huge stones. They may both excellently complete the image if they are put on alone (and all the other jewelry is of usual size), and spoil it if they are put on all together.

Striking the right balance

It is not difficult to guess that for modest monochrome dresses, the best choice will be jewelry pieces of bigger size, with bright stones or having some exotic shape. They will give a zest to the final image and will not look like a foreign element. With colorful dresses, on the contrary, you should choose discreet jewelry – thin rings without inserts, chains with small pendants, and so on. They will perfectly complement the image without distracting attention from its main details. 

Take into account the age

When choosing jewelry for your dress, you should remember the important factor of age. Don’t forget that according to long-established tacit rules, bulky, massive jewelry, such as earrings with heavy stones, beads with large pearls, huge brooches, and rings, are the symbols of an adult lady. That is why they can change the image of a young girl, not for the better.

And on the contrary, jewelry made in bright, flashy colors and in the form of stars, flowers, or hearts will not suit women of age. Most likely, they will cause others’ opinions about the lack of good taste, but no more than that.

Don’t forget about day and night

Choosing rings and earrings for an evening gown, you should remember that the evening is a time of bright colors. That’s why such a dress is best complemented by jewelry with colorful precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and others. Refinement and even some “massiveness,” in this case, do not harm the image and will only benefit. 

For daytime dresses, it’s better to use discreet jewelry with diamonds. Accessories with all other stones are better for the evening.

The right combination of jewelry

Regardless of what kind of dress – casual or evening – you will be wearing, the best option for it will be a set (set) of those or other jewelry made in the same style. Such a set will add harmony to the image and emphasize it without casting too much into the eyes and causing a sense of imbalance.

You should refuse to wear jewelry items from entirely different collections and made in different styles, sometimes contradicting each other. Regardless of cost, the final image will only evoke thoughts of poor taste.

If you have doubts about the compatibility of the chosen jewelry, it is better to choose the minimalist style. Thin rings, neat earrings, and small chains, even from different collections, can look organically without causing a sense of dissonance.