Cultivating and building a relationship has its fair share of milestones. If you’re considering proposing, you’re almost done with the hard part. At this juncture, an engagement ring should cross your mind. It’s a surefire way of making your partner say ‘yes.’

Planning the proposal, getting the ring, and finally getting the answer can be overwhelming for most people. If you’re wondering what you need to know before proposing, fret not! Below are some engagement ring traditions you can use before the proposal:

engagement tradition

1. Browse For The Right Style

Proposing to someone is a request for them to spend their life with you. Hence, an engagement ring is a reflection of your relationship. You must have picked a few details about your partner while dating—for instance, their favourite gem, metallic ornaments, and style. You can get insights from their close friends if you don’t know their preferences.   

You can choose a ring based on your preferences. Remember, the goal is to use an appealing ring to communicate your intention. Engagement rings fall into several categories: solitaire, side stones, halo, and three stones, among others.   

Perhaps, your partner loves rustic accessories. Getting them a vintage-inspired engagement ring that matches their style would be best. Shop solitaire engagement rings for such trendy and unique styles. Ensure you peruse through collections before settling on one. This way, you’re sure to make an informed decision.  

2. Pick The Right Metal

Picking a suitable metal is crucial when choosing an engagement ring. For one, the right metal complements the style. It also adds colour to your ring. Additionally, you’d want to give your fiancée a durable engagement ring that won’t tarnish with time. Luckily, you have a whole range of possible metals to consider. They include:

  • Platinum: It’s a white metal that can give the gemstones a beautiful shine. The shine is long-lasting, so you might not need to re-plate your ring. Its hypo-allergenic properties make it ideal for a fiancée with sensitive skin. It’d also be the perfect engagement ring if your fiancée lives an active lifestyle.  
  • Gold: It’s one of the most versatile and commonly chosen engagement rings. However, buying the gold ring will cost more than the other metals. Pure gold, weighing 24 carats, is too light for jewellers. Hence it should be mixed with other alloys to be used for jewellery. After mixing the alloys, you can choose your engagement ring based on the colours. These include white, green, yellow, and rose.   

Your fiancée’s style will help you choose the right metal for the engagement ring. If they love cool hues, silver and platinum rings can be appropriate. Yellow and rose gold are warmer and would be appropriate if your fiancée likes warm tones.

3. Customize The Ring

As highlighted above, an engagement ring signifies your relationship. So you’d want the ring to be sentimental and include some personal details. In that case, custom designing your engagement ring would be best. You can include unique aspects in the ring, such as a gemstone and a metal band. For instance, you’d want the initials of your names engraved on your ring with the gems. A personalized touch gives a ring a meaningful aspect. Alternatively, you can have the heart symbol on the ring.   

Customizing the engagement ring goes hand in hand with the style. Consult your jeweller on how to go about it.   

4. Ask The Parents

Another tradition that revolves around engagements is asking the parents for permission. It goes along with getting the blessings to start your family. Also, inviting them to the occasion would be best if you’re making a public proposal.

On the other hand, some cultures recognize passing down family rings. Talking to the parents can help you figure out such details. It’s best to do it right by respecting such cultures. They can also give you excellent ideas on the most exciting proposal for their daughter. They might suggest a social engagement like a dinner party.    

engagement traditions

5. Plan For The Proposal Day

Your partner has been dreaming of this day for years. Thus, you need to supersede their expectations. Below are some tips that can aid in planning for a successful and eventful day:

  • Choose the venue and decor in time to avoid last-minute inconveniences.  
  • Get the right size before buying the ring   
  • Have the ring delivered days before the proposal day.   
  • Keep it safe to avoid losing or damaging it; you can insure it against theft or damage.   
  • Call a professional photographer to capture the day’s memorable events.  

Consider adding the tips above to your to-do list. They’ll ensure everything falls into place during that big day.


A proposal is a special day for your fiancée. So don’t skimp on the details that make it unique. Get the engagement ring in advance; it should be the right size. You can also personalize the engagement. This way, the ring adds a meaningful impact to the relationship. Enlist the help of a professional jeweller to make an informed decision on the best engagement ring before your proposal.