If you are a lover of everything gold and a fan of Korean food and Jjimjilbang (Korean Sauna), then Wyndham Danang Golden Bay here in Danang Vietnam is your hotel. Asian culinary delights and an unparalleled 24K golden infinity swimming pool featuring a panoramic view of the city present an unsurpassed experience for travellers. Nestled in the captivating setting where the Han River meanders eastward towards the East Sea, Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel presents a symphony of mountains, sea, and azure skies.

It is an ideal portal to explore the bustling metropolis known as Da Nang, with its vibrant energy, alluring beaches and verdant Son Tra Peninsula. Then move on to discover Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s most renowned cultural destinations and followed by My Son Sanctuary which is renowned for its natural beauty along with Hue City.

The hotel boasts spacious 848 rooms and suites with the feature of gold sinks, toilet holders, and baths. Magical city vistas of the lyrical river, an ever-changing skyline, or gazing upon Da Nang Bay. The two restaurants and bars boast views over Da Nang city.

If you have a day or two to spare here at Wyndham Da Nang Golden Bay there are some unique experiences one has to try out.

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Vitenam 2023 Hotel review (1)

The swimming pool has 24crt gold plated tiles

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Vitenam 2023 Hotel review (1)


The reception is largely full of gold interior design and caters to big tour groups and families. There are many seating areas whilst waiting to check in. Wyndham Da Nang Golden Bay is very popular with tour guests visiting from Korea. Therefore Korean culture and hospitality are geared to cater to this fabulous culture. From the onset gold lovers will be blown away by this very unique decor here at Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Vietnam. I decided to check out the public toilets and for me, this was an indication of what was to come, everything gold.

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay VietnamWyndham Danang Golden Bay Hotel Vitenam (1) gold unrinal

Infinity Gold 24crt Swimming Pool

What sets Wyndham Danang Golden Bay hotel apart from any other hotel I have visited over the years is the massive gold-tiled swimming pool. I have never seen anything like it. The glaring gold tiles are a magical delight to experience, for me that is what hotels should offer, a rare experience like no other. For those loving to keep fit and require an almost endless lap pool, this is it. The view of Da Nang and the obvious bridge is ever-changing as the sunbeams on both the sparkling river and the mountains. It’s lovely to see when swimming is integrated with the view of the river, the edge of the pool looks never-ending.

Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Vietnam 24crt gold swimming pool

F29 Restaurant Golden Pool Bar

Don’t forget to end your day with a swanky dip at Golden Pool Bar F 29. Here you’ll find an itinerary of scrumptious delicacies conveniently situated near the 29th-floor swimming pool. Enjoy the enthralling atmosphere as you unwind with one of its delectable cocktails then let your heart soar while taking in the sights from above all while soaking up some fresh air! The snack bites are huge and I loved munching away on the Korean fried chicken whilst sipping a local beer. It’s a lovely place to propose to your loved one. I noticed a huge balloon message with, will you marry me? I do hope he or she said yes.

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The Horizon Restaurant

The Horizon Restaurant, situated on the brow of a hill overlooking Da Nang Bay and its wispy misty peaks, is renowned for its International buffet breakfasts and lunches and dinners with a set menu providing quality cuisine. It was nice to wake up and gaze out over this picturesque bay while indulging in delectable dishes prepared by the skilled chefs to savour harmony! There are endless amounts of food to choose from including an array of Korean delights.

We had a very early flight so heading to breakfast at 6 am there already was an unexpected crowd of guests, Korean people love to eat early. Breakfast starts at 6 am till 10 am, it gets very busy but the attentive staff was excellent and serving us all was effortless.

Jjimjilbang Korean Wellness And Spa

What on earth is a Jjimjilbang at the Golden Luxury Spa? I have never experienced a Korean spa and wellness before and neither has my family. We decided to spend a few hours to find out what it entailed. It has to be one of my favourite spas and wellness retreats by far. I am hooked on this concept and so are my teenage girls. First of all, there are two dedicated changing rooms one for women and one for men and it has a jacuzzi for each gender. My teenage girls were very comfortable with this and so was I.

No need to bring anything along but yourself, everything is explained and supplied for you. Generally in Korea, people would go around naked but at Wyndham Danang Golden Bay this is not allowed.

Jjimjilbang entails several dedicated rooms that offer both hot and cold treatments. They vary from an Igloo ice room at temperatures of minus 7 to the other extreme in the volcanic rock room where we were lying on an endless amount of tiny volcanic balls at a whopping temperature of 57 degrees. Be mindful when entering here that you step on the dedicated paths or you may fall over in what we all did. This was so much fun and the healing of my aching muscles was instantly relieved after an hour or so of experiencing Jjimijilbang. For those seeking some skincare and male grooming treatments the infrared cave ticks all the boxes. My teenage daughter said it really cleared up her acne, wow.

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jimjillbang korean spa (2)

Volcanic Rock Room

There is the golden sauna room in which you lie down and feel the soaring heat of 47 degrees on your back. All these treatment rooms are to be lied down on with a towel and specific outfit given to you at reception. There is a general area where you can chat with family and friends but this is wellness so staying quiet at all times is one of the reasons you would do it. Give yourself plenty of time to experience this excellent facility it’s one of a kind for us who live in the west.

Corner Suite Bay View

This ideal suite room with two bedrooms is what made our family’s vacation a relaxing one. At the moment my hotels are my home and I need everything a family of four requires. The room accommodated my family of four comfortably. Thus providing ample space in the living/dining area, overlooking the magical bay. This is well-needed when I get up early and want to work. The kitchenette was very handy for when I ordered room service as well as treats for my children to snack on. It meant I could serve food and tuck it away without making the suite look untidy.

An added bonus was the laundry facilities as a family laundry builds up very quickly. If you are seeking to stay long-term in Da Nang this 72m2 all-inclusive space will be ideal for business or leisure travellers alike! I liked the Wonder Park view too which is a mini European landmark for visitors to go and see, great fun for the kids.

Corner Suite Bay View Wyndham Danang Golden Bay Vitenam 2023 Hotel review

Bathroom Bay View

There were two bathrooms which were very convenient for two teenage girls. I liked how the first bathroom was tucked away right at the entrance of the corridor. It meant I could go to the bathroom without disturbing anyone.

When I walked into the bathroom I revelled in the sumptuously spacious bath, with a panoramic view of the bay. Making for an ideal place to unwind after experiencing this unique establishment. It was wonderful to even have a shower in.


After reviewing hundreds of hotels over the years, what I am now seeking is a hotel that offers family fun with unique experiences that other hotels don’t offer. The two landmarks of Wyndham Da Nang Golden Bay is the 24crt tiled infinity rooftop swimming pool it is truly a fun experience for all the family. My equal favourite is the excellent Jjimijilbang spa and wellness in which the children and the family had an unforgettable experience, thank you for a great stay.